Washington D.C. 2005
Kay's Personal DC Sights

I visited DC in April 2005 and got both driving and subway connections to a number of DC sights.
The more personal images are below; there's also a page of more public touristy images.

While in DC, I started reading The Bowl is Already Broken, a novel that deepened my experience of Washington, especially the Mall museums. I can recommend the author's Web site, too: Mary Kay Zuravleff.

For more about my DC host and her Washington world, visit Pat's Poetry and Prose and Pat's Paintings: Art by Patricia E. Ortman.

DC Spring Flowers

DC Drivebys

DC Subways

DC DuPont Circle

DC NW Neighborhood

DC NW Home

DC NW Hosts

DC Mom Touristing

DC Sights: Security

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