Venezuela: 1992

This was Venezuela in 1992 with Dr. Gibbs Milliken of UT Austin. We went up the Orinoco and studied burial sites and rock formations and Venezuelan native culture and rum. The set of photos is also available in an earlier format.

Gibbs Milliken: Houston airport
This was the group's first sight of Gibbs in travel attire.

Macuto: hotel flagraising & beach crowd
We spent Bolivar's birthday in this suburb of Caracas.

Puerto Ayachucho
Here we are meeting the Venezuelan guide at the airport

Pepsis at base camp in Puwerto Ayachucho
We drank a lot of things out of glass bottles, including much rum.

Bongo up Orinoco
Our first encounter with a bongo included boarding it in the rain with our bags in plastic trash bags.

Karen meets village children
We spent several days in this village with no electricity or running water, sleeping in hammocks.

Jessica at Tijerna
Jessica was an anthropology student.

Tinaja Rock cemeterio
Part of our trip focus was to climb up to rocks overhangs used for burials.

Todd: Muy suave!
Cigarettes were cheap in Venezuela, and "muy suave" became a common phrase.

Lynn with Piaroa village puppy

Charlie draws a crowd
Charlie had made a number of trips with Gibbs and was always immaculately dressed.

Eduardo in jungle with tripod; jungle hiking

Orinoco: nature

K with village snake

Oronoco: riverboat

Pelota cemetario

Eduardo navigates the rain forest

Denman & Alyssa

Sanmariapo: canoe travel and children

Artesanias El Topocho

Marta sells to Patricia
Gibbs took us to shop for artifacts, and Marta's Artesanias El Topocho was a good place to buy them;
Patricia was a big spender.

Pinare village visit
We travelled by jeep four hours to and four hours from this village, having to wade throug waist high waters to get to it and so having a long wet ride back to base camp.

Rainstorm shelter
It rained while we were in the village, too. We bought many bead necklaces here.

Anaconda Rock & Patricia waving from Anaconda Rock


Lunch at Cherazad
We enjoyed this middle eastern restaurant in Venezuela.

Denman packs
Back at base camp in Puerto Ayachucho we were able to pack a number of larger packages to send home.

K at Puerto Ayachucho museum

Karen: back in Houston with family

Charlie presents Gibbs with expedition towel: Austin

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