Stonehaven Ranch Isis Weekend November 1997

These photos represent a coming together of a great group (see The Isis Institute of Women's Studies) and a great place (see Stonehaven Ranch) — both no longer operative as such — for a non-workshop weekend in November 1997.

Following are thumbnail photo images from the trip. So the complete loading of this Web page may take a while. Once that happens, clicking on any one of the images will load a larger version (actual size determined by specs of a particular monitor or printer).

our group

Cindy &
her mom Mary

morning tai chi

tai chi
at Stonehaven

Sekhmet plaque

stone circle
and tower

out for a walk

down the road

from afar

and Margie

Kathleen & Jen

the ponies


hottub & pool

Quan Yin garden

Margie, Gen, &
visitor from Italy

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