New York City 1987

I'm backtracking through my history with the City. For this page, I've used a slightly larger low-res image size (scanned in from my full frame 8x10 B&W prints) and a very simple format. It's always made sense to me to organize images of Manhattan north to south, so that's what I've done here.

Family reading at the Bronx Zoo

Near the panda house at the Bronx Zoo

At the Cloisters in Fort Tyron Park

Temple of Dendur at the Met

Robert Lehman Collection at the Met

Entry at the Whitney

Store at the Whitney

Entry at the Frick

Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art

Kay in Museum of Modern Art sculpture garden

In Bloomingdales at The Perfumer's Workshop

Radio City Music Hall

Grand Central Station

On the subway

Village Cigars

Street market jewelry

Street market t-shirts


East Village ladder work

East Village watcher

Bette's crystal shop in the East Village

Lower East Side ladder work

Lower East dumpster sitters


Mary and Kay on Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Battery Park performers

Battery Park tourists


Staten Island Ferry building

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