Michigan Womyn's Music Festival — 1993

In 1993, I had the opportunity to go to the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival along with a couple of Austin friends, one of whom was a regular attendee. Getting there involved a flight to Michigan and then a bus trip of about four hours out to the festival land. It was the 18th iteration of the festival. The mosquitos were something fierce, even with all the womyn flesh to feast on, but the weather was beautiful and so were the women — and the experience was priceless! To the left is the festival icon on the tee shirt I bought: it's a great image and still a great tee shirt!


There were various different camping areas and groups; Sandy got us dropped at the relatively quiet area for women over 50.


This parade on stilts took place a couple of afternoons in, but it seems like a good introduction for festival photos.


There were a variety of workshops, mainly held in the afternoon.


Eight thousand plus women lived in the woods during the festival, and life included outdoor showering, meals, workshifts, and so on.


Another day activity was shopping at the variety of artisan and art booths.


There were plenty of signs of creativity at the festival.

Music: Day Stage

Of course the main focus of the music festival was music!

Music: Night Stage

Returning to "civilization"

The festival was a world of its own, hard to leave. One camper on the flight back to Austin had a newly shaved head and considerable reentry trauma.

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