Mexico: Oaxaca 1976

In 1970 I had traveled with a group to Europe; in 1972 I had travelled again to Europe with two friends and a Eurail Pass; in 1973 I had travelled to Yucatan and Chipas on my own. So in 1976, Janet and I decided to take a trip to Oaxaca. We took the bus to Laredo, the Aztec Eagle train to Mexico City, and then buses from there on. Our focus was pre-Columbian ruins, though we did acquire a few Oaxacan souveniers, like a rug from a mountain village and samples of Oaxacan carved wooden boxes and black pottery. We were surprised to find that the restaurants mainly served seafood dishes, so I guess we hadn't spent much time locating the state of Oaxaca on the map of Mexico,

Getting to Oaxaca

Hotel in Oaxaca Juarez, the capital of Oaxaca

Oaxaca City

Oaxaca Countryside


Oaxacans and the Tule Tree

We reached the ruins at Mitla via a Mexican local bus that let us off at the road leading there, but for getting back to town, we were happy to accept a ride from a bus of Mexican students taking a field trip to visit the Tule tree.

Monte Alban

Oaxaca Guidebook

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