Women's Sacred Pilgrimage to Malta - September 2012

Malta was a new experience for me, and being part of a group of women focused on neolithic Malta with Jennifer Berezan and Joan Marler opened my eyes in so many ways that I've created separate web pages for different aspects of the trip.

First, as background for this particular trip, here's its flier and itinerary. And if you'd like to experience Malta with Jennifer and Joan, visit edgeofwondertours.com for details on future pilgrimages.

It seems that Malta souveniers are primarily of two sorts, neolithic (copies of artifacts from a peaceful, egalitarian ancient civilization) and medieval (artifacts from Christian crusaders like the Maltese cross and Knights of Malta). Here's what I collected:

And now for the aspects:

If you want to experience even more, please visit Kay's Flickr Malta2012 day-by-day photo collection.

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