Europe: 1972

Inspired by Europe 1970, after teaching high school a year in Odessa, Texas, I went back to Europe with my old college roommate Mary and her old government TA at UT, Terry. This was a Eurail Pass voyage for the most part. We made it from Amsterdam/Holland to Paris to Switzerland to Venice and Brindisi and over to Corfu, where we reveled in the sun and sand. At that point, I went on alone to Athens. From there, I took an excursion to Crete, visited Pompeii (where, while I was perusing postcards, an Italian tried to convince me to go to the Blue Grotto with him), crossed into England to experience Shakespeare country, and ended up in London, museuming all the way.

As with images from the 1970 Europe trip, all I still have is a set of prints (from only two rolls of film). Those were at least larger (3 1/2x 5 inches), but they were not processed by Kodak and so have suffered even more from color shifts and fading. They, too, were first digitized with 1990s hardware and software, but in this case I had to use all the scanner and Photoshop tricks I knew to make the memories come back more clearly.

Amsterdam & The Netherlands

Rijksmuseum exterior, Dubuffets in the Van Gogh Museum, and staircase in our lodging

Otterlo Outdoor Museum


Notre Dame

Le Cimetière du Père-Lachaise (grave of Oscar Wilde on left)


Engelberg village

Berne and Lake Geneva

Château de Chillon (Kay and Terry with castle in background; Kay in dungeon)


Venice views

San Marco Square & Cathedral: Kay and Mary posing; Mary in Doge's Palace

Exploring in Memo's gondola with Memo and Peter


Our hotel on the beach (lots of nescafe!) & the beach

Athens & Greece

Theater of Dionysus and panorama of old Athens

The Acropolis



Heraklon harbor and a hilltop tower

Knossos: Treasury, Royal Road, and weathered columns

Knossos: reconstructions


Ruins: bakers' oven and walls and columns

Museum display of victim cast

Villa of the Mysteries mural and exterior

Paris (again!)

The Louvre, Tuilleries, Arc de Triomphe

Stratford on Avon

Shakespeare's birthplace

Anne Hathaway's cottage


British Museum

View from hotel on Earls' Court Road

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