England and Ireland: July 1998

This was a trip organized by Karen Tate of A Special Journey Travel, advertised as "a magical journey to the sacred sites of the Goddess in Ireland and Cornwall, England." Karen has a Web site at www.karentate.com. For more information, here's the flyer for the trip.

The original presentation of images from this trip is also available here.

Our group leaders were Ruth Barrett of Los Angeles and Kay Gardner of Maine. For more about them and their works, visit Ruth Barrett and Kay Gardner.


The British Museum

The Elgin Marbles

London Lion


Avebury town

Avebury cat

Avebury circle cows

Kay Keys / Kay Gardner

Kissing an Avebury stone: Kathy Jones' ritual

Silbury Hill


Cornwall welcome at Madron Well


Ceremony by Men-an Tol

Grace: Men-an Tol

Standing stone circle dance

Altar power

Embracing the stone

California girls in Irish cemetery

Colleen with Penzance flowers

Kay K. in flower, Kay G. in woods

Caeia March and Sheryl Straffon

Group picture in Cornwall showing off our Wellies


Peg and Carolyn take tea at The Hollies

Chelsea Potter


Stonehenge infrared

Another Stonehenge infrared

Stonehenge circle

Stonehenge conversation and posing

Clonegal Castle

On the bus and arrival at Clonegal Castle

Lady Olivia welcomes us

Ruth in Grove and Kay on patio

Lady Olivia in her study and with Kay G. in the cellar temple


Newgrange from a distance

Newgrange entrance


Maeve's Cairn: before the climb

Caromere flag

Ruth on the mountain

Ruth and Kay G. teach at Carrowmere


Sligo: Site excavation and guide

Mrs. Haughey at home in Sligo

Sligo: Irish rain; Irish reverence

Jan with Yeats' swan; swan family


Irish traditional musicians near Limerick

Couple enjoying the music

Dancing with Grandma

Limerick: building wall; Paddy emerging from pub



Galway museum

Galway bird

Judith by Galway peat fire; Galway cat


Kildare swans

Visting church and documenting Sheela Na Gig

Church doors closeup and with our hostess

Our group in church yard

Our hostess leads us in sacred song

Kildare nun

Garden with Kildare Brigit and Brigit's cross

At the holy well

Gifts for Ruth and Kay G.


Farewell dinner

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