Egypt: December 1996

This was an Institute of Noetic Studies tour to Egypt with John Anthony West in December 1996. We also traveled with an Egyptian guide, an American guide living mostly in Egypt for some years, and an IONS staff member. Here's the itinerary for this "Magical Egypt with John Anthony West."

To set the stage, here's an ode to (one of) the tour guide(s): Mary Gilliland's poem for Barbara Hartford of the Institute of Noetic Studies. And here's a smaller selection of trip photos in an earlier format.

John Anthony West


Sphinx and Pyramids

Our group

Pyramids & chairs

Approaching pyramids

K on the Great Pyramid

Young Egyptians

Egyptian boys

Boat museum

Near the pyramids

Night travels

Journey to the Sphinx

Dashur & Egyptian guide

Red Pyramid staircase

Red Pyramid interior

Bent Pyramid

Red Pyramid at sunset

Serapium entry

Camel & driver

K & camel

Columns at Saqqara

Ritual at Saqqara

Cobra wall at Saqqara

Arriving in Luxor

Winter Palace garden/city view

Winter Palace Luxor Temple view

Isis Gives Life at Abydos

K at Abydos

Dendara stairs

Dendara mural

Dendara pillar

Dawn at Karnak

K's shadow at Karnak

Karnak shadows

Sekhmet at Karnak

Sculpture at Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple columns

Valley of the Kings tomb

Tomb murals

K at Edfu

group at Kom Ombu

Aswan souk

Mary at Aswan souk

Felluca ride

Philae Island

Aswan merchant

Aswan hardware store

Abu Simbel at dawn

K & Abu Simbel sign

Abu Simbel interior

Bianca at Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel hotel pool

Cairo night

Cairo day

Egyptian Museum

from King Tut's tomb

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