Egypt: February-March 1994

This was a Power Places Conference and Nile Cruise tour. I was part of Barbara Hand Clow's group for the cruise/temples part of the trip. We spent one week at the Mena House by the pyramids and the other making the Nile cruise, south from Aswan north to Luxor. Here are the trip flyer and details from this particular journey. The Web search engines used to get a hit on my name from Power Places Testimonials page. These trip images are also available in another format.

Conference Opening, Mena House

At a conference session

Mena House doorway

Mena House reception desk

Fati, Cairo Museum

Meeting the Ancients

Cairo Museum scaffolding

Cairo Museum construction

Cairo Museum from balcony

Dinner on the Nile

Mena House bar

Mena House view

Mena House corridor

K at pyramids

Boat museum at pyramids

Inside the Great Pyramid

Breadmakers at Giza

K at Saqqara

Hakim and Barbara lead at Sakkara

Sakkara dogs

Hakim at Sakkara

Dervish at party in Giza

Pyramids at dusk

Abu Simbel keyholder

Abu Simbel reunion

Philae pylon

Philae ceremony

Coming back

Philae guardian

Philae meditation

Philae goddesses

Philae sun & shadow

Philae sunlight

Arriving at Kom Ombu

Kom Ombu pillars

Women at Kom Ombu

Kom Ombu Cat

Kom Ombu birds

Kom Ombu accomplices

High Tea on Cheops V

Cruise journey

Cruise sunset

Dancing waiter on Cheops V

Hakim & Barbara

Australian at Edfu

Light & Shadow at Edfu

Edfu sweeper

Hathor pillar at Dendera

Hathor columns at Dendera

Dendera door

Ancient astronomy at Dendera

Dendera obliger

Bes at Dendera

Abydos Osirion

Abydos Temple panorama


Goats at Karnak

Karnak Sekhmet temple

Deir el Bahari

Cool water

Looking Back from Hatshepsut's Temple

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