Crete: June 1995

Here are images from the Goddess Journey to Crete with Karolina Christ and Jana Ruble in June 1995. Karolina is Carol P. Christ, author of Odessey with the Goddess and a number of other books on women's spirituality. We had an intense itinerary: here's the overview and details. For more information, visit The Ariadne Institute Web site.

With changes changes in monitors, the color in a number of images seemed oversaturated, and with changes in the Web and Web access, working from a page of tiny thumbnails no longer seems ideal. So I have re-adjusted the larger images. However, the original presentation is also available.

Venetian Heraklion

Peak Votives: Heraklion Museum

Phaistos Disk: Heraklion Museum

Knossos Passage: Heraklion

Columns: Knossos

Walk in Beauty: Knossos

Minoan Sisterhood: Knossos

Karolina: Knossos

Nora: Paliani

Myrtle Tree Icon: Paliani

Paliani Greetings

Under the Myrtle Tree

Madonna with Silver Hands

Coffee: Paliani

Wedding in Zaros

Wedding Supper: Zaros

Karolina: Agia Triada

Agia Triada Council

Nora Takes to the Mediterranean

Mediterranean Beach

Back to Zaros

Zaros Afternoon

Tessa, Nora, Pat: Zaros Gorge

Dancing in Zaros

Museum: Archanes

Archanes Street Scene

View from peak: Mount Juktas

Mount Juktas Ceremony

Christina's Lunch: Skoteino

Sage & Joyce

Skoteino Translation

Skoteini Cave

Sheep Road: Eilitheia

Pithos potter: Thrapsano

Amnissos Cave, sacred to Eilithea


Kernos Stone: Malia

Malia group

Trapeza Cave

Lasithi Plateau

Sage: Psychro Cave

Harvest Home: Gournia

Gournia Shade

Lunch & Beach: Isron Bay

Siteia Hotel

Kato Zakros Gorge

Kato Zakros Hikers

Kato Zakros Fence Climbing

Joan at Mochlos

Sage at Mochlos

Mochlos Altar Stone

Mochlos Sunset

Kato Simi

Karolina & Archaeologist: Kato Simi


Father & Son: Tylissios

Tessa sings: Idean Cave

Idean Cave Shadows

Mr. Nikos & Joyce: Idean Cave

Shepherd's Mom: Nida Plain

Goodbye Ritual: Heraklion

Heraklion Museum

Wooden Model of Knossos

Athens Street

Plaka Taverna: Athens

Acropolis Midday: Athens

Acropolis Museum

Acropolis Museum: Karolina teaches

Plaka Taverna Farewell Dinner: K & Sage

Bette (our eldest): Athens Airport

Sage (our youngest): Athens Airport

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