Clearing with Roses

(from The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka by Amorah Quan Yin)

The rose, as a healing symbol, is a very effective and useful tool both in your own clearing process and for clearing others.

Just as the lotus has been used for ages as the symbol for enlightenment, the rose has been used to symbolize and bring about the "purity of self-affinity." What this means is that roses have the ability to eliminate energies in your energy field that are unnatural and foreign to your essential and inherent way of being. For example, if you feel congestion in your heart chakra and suspect that it is due to another person's imbalanced energy that you have taken on, you can release the foreign energy with a rose. Simply place the image of a large, fully blooming rose in your heart chakra, and with the person's image inside it, allow the rose to fill up with the foreign energy. Then remove the rose, filled with the other person's energy, from your heart chakra. Send the rose outside your aura, or even outside the building you are in, and visualize it dissolving, vaporizing, or simply going "poof." The other person's energy will dissolve along with the rose. As the rose disappears, the energy being removed from your heart chakra is neutralized and sent back to the person to whom it belongs. This technique is called "blowing roses." Please note that it is always important that you blow roses outside your auric field. If you dissolve the rose inside your aura, it will neutralize the energy somewhat, but you will still have the other person's energy in your space....

You are ultimately responsible for not allowing yourself to be "dumped on" or victimized. So if you have a problem with boundaries, you need to learn about healthy boundaries instead of blaming others for dumping on you and then punishing them for it. This in no way negates the other person's responsibility for learning to be harmless. We are all responsible for our impact on one another. That is part of being on a planet where we have agreed to cocreate. What this does mean is that you are responsible for removing yourself from harm without harming anyone else in return, any time this is possible. Using roses can be a very effective way of taking responsibility in this fashion.

Following is the first exercise for using roses:

  1. Close your eyes and ground yourself.
  2. Check your aura and pull it in or expand it to two to three feet around your body in all directions.
  3. Check your boundary colors and make any needed adjustments.
  4. Visualize a rose of any color in full bloom in your aura, in front of your eyes. Stay with the visualization until it feels real to you. See or imagine it in as much detail as you can.
  5. Then move the rose outside your aura and make it disappear.
  6. Now create a rose inside the center of your head. Intend that it take on anyone else's energy that might be there. Hold the vision of the rose inside your head for about thirty seconds.
  7. Pull the rose out of your head and outside your aura and then make it disappear.
  8. Next create a rose outside your aura in front of you.
  9. Think of someone in your life with whom you have had recent conflict or ill feelings. See that person's face in the rose and ask the rose to clear any negative thoughts you have about that person, or any of his or her energy you are holding.
  10. Continually watch the rose for about thirty seconds. You may notice it closing up, the way certain flowers, like morning glories, do after dark. This is an indication that the rose is absorbing something.
  11. Move the rose outside and above your house, then dissolve it.
  12. If this last rose closed up completely, indicating that it removed a lot of energy from or about the chosen person, create a new one outside your aura with the same person's image in it. Keep watching until this rose either fills up completely or stops closing shut when it is partially full of the person's energy or your negative thoughts about the person, whichever comes first.
  13. Once again, place the rose above your house and make it disappear.
  14. Optional: If the last rose completely filled up, you may want to continue the process of creating and dissolving roses with that person's image in them until a rose remains unaffected for about ten seconds. At that point, you know you have released all you can relative to that person at this time.
  15. Open your eyes and continue reading about other uses for roses, if you wish.

One last use for roses is self-protection. Roses can be kept outside your aura with a grounding stem into Earth's surface at all times to discourage unwanted influences and help define your boundaries. They will tend to absorb stray and extraneous foreign energies floating around so that these energies do not enter your aura. Boundary roses will not take care of everything, but they will help greatly.

The following steps will help you establish boundary roses:

  1. After closing your eyes, ground yourself and adjust your aura as needed.
  2. Visualize a rose of any size and color that feels good to you, and place it outside your aura in front of you. See it in detail.
  3. Imagine that the rose is attached to a stem that is rooted into Earth. Intend that the rose remain there until you consciously dissolve it.
  4. Visualize another rose outside your aura on your left side.
  5. Also place a rooted stem on this rose, and once again intend that it remain until you dissolve it.
  6. Now place a rose with a stem into Earth to your right, outside your aura. Use the same intent that it remain.
  7. Above your head and just outside your aura, place another rose. Again see it as having a rooted stem and intend that it stay there until you remove it.
  8. Last, visualize a rose with a stem outside your aura behind your back. If necessary, work with your breath and intent to strengthen and extend your aura behind you to two to three feet. Intend that this rose also remain until you return to it.
  9. In order to strengthen the effectiveness of your intent, dissolve each rose and stem in the order you created them. Then repeat steps two through eight to give yourself new roses in all five locations. If you need to do these steps a few times in order to make the roses feel more real, do so now.
  10. When you are finished, leave the roses in place until bedtime. At bedtime, notice if the roses still look fresh, if they have closed at all, or if they look wilted. Their condition will be a good indicator of how much they are actually doing for you. Once you have made your observations, repeat the steps again, first dissolving the existing roses, and then giving yourself fresh ones.

It is recommended, when you first begin to use roses around your aura, that you dissolve the old ones and give yourself new ones at least twice a day for a few days, or until they consistently remain intact when you check on them.... Find your own personal requirements through experimentation.

Amorah Quan Yin, The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka (Santa Fe, NM: Bear & Company, 1996), pp. 102-110.

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