The Principles of Witchcraft

(from Earth Magic by Marion Weinstein)

The only law of witchcraft Is The Threefold Law:
Everything you do comes back to you three times.

Earth Magic works Threefold:
The Work is stated and performed in the World of Form,
It goes out into the Invisible World,
And comes back to manifest in the World of Form.

All work is for the good of all only
And according to free will—

Thus harming none.

One cannot be a witch "part-time". By definition, witchcraft is a way of life and permeates all of life. A witch lives by these Principles all through every chosen witchcraft lifetime, awake and asleep, in work, in deed, in thought, and in intent.

This means: no cursing, no harming. This means: no stated negatives, and all negatives taken out of The Law. (The Law of Cause and Effect).

This does not mean to deny the Dark. We acknowledge it, use it positively, strip it of all negative power, transcend it, and Turn It To Good.

Marion Weinstein, Earth Magic: A Dianic Book of Shadows (Revised ed. Custer, WA: Phoenix Publishing, 1986, p. 1.).

For more information on Marion Weinstein, see Earth Magic Productions.

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