Pleiadian View of Chakras and Dimensions

(from The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light by Barbara Hand Clow)

the Pleiadian view of the human chakra system differs from other systems in that the first chakra—the earth chakra—is the central core crystal of Earth (lD of your realm). In my system, the seven-chakra system begins with the earth chakra as your ground, five chakras in your body from your sexual center to your third eye, and then your seventh chakra is located in the Galactic Center. Your body is in 3D, so your first chakra is your plug into Earth's core, and a line moves out of the center of Earth through the 2D telluric realm and locks right into your root chakra. The first and second dimensions electrically activate your body in your root chakra; if this waking up is strong the serpent rises in your spine and your whole body becomes an electromagnetic field. This field is your body in 3D, and Making Home means grounding your activated body.

1D grounds you in one point. Then it triangulates through telluric energy allured to you by your own body. Your body takes in the power of the center of Earth, resonates with the energies of the 2D telluric realm by means of cords into your body made of different elemental forms, and then expresses itself by means of your four bodies of consciousness while you are alive (3D). Visualize the 4D archetypal realm as a canopy that can hold the tremendous energy radiating out of your physical body. This 4D canopy is held in form by the subterranean 2D elemental beings who express Gaia, and it has the capacity to respond to 5D through 9D dimensional forces, enabling you apprehend very high vibrations. The fourth dimension has enough density by means of feelings to enable you to create the full canopy; with it you observe 4D dramas, and if you can stop judging what you see, you will begin to pick up some very subtle frequencies.

If it seems like I denigrate 2D and 4D energies in any way, beware, for it is your own projection! The 2D elemental energies and 4D archetypal forces are simply the hardest ones for you to integrate. The Pleiadians appreciate their expressions. They love their outrageous creativity. If you hear something in what we say that throws you into judgment about an energy, try listening to that objection in yourself. lt is a part of you that you have not cleared. I will drag you through many of your most cherished beliefs. I will insult you about your fanaticism and expose your foolishness and blindness only because you might see one of your own projections mirrored back to you. Why? These projections are what create evil, and when you release them in yourselves, the potential for evil is decreased.

The Pleiadians have spoken fondly of bodywork. Lying in deeply wounded places in your body are the multidimensional experiences that you had in the past that can trigger your consciousness now; you were not able to integrate the experiences when they occurred before. Yet, the energy had to be activated in your bodies for you to have something to work toward. You must realize you often have experiences that have bad parts, and then you deny the whole experience and bury it. During the last 11,000 years in the Galactic Night, you've had many incredible experiences that have become your library of knowledge—memory—for the next stage of evolution. A long time ago, you stretched yourself and tried this or that, you didn't attain it, but you saw new possibilities. Now as things are culminating, all this potential is rising to the surface in all of you. If you doubt this, think of your history. What else explains the richness of all the dramas on your planet. And what causes you to kill each other in the thousands in order to establish who owns one little part of the planet? If you think about it, you know how the 2D elemental feeling forces, such as blood lust, get riled up when the 4D archetypal beings impulse you into a battle. What else explains the rape and cannibalism in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Rwanda? You are getting sucked into huge dramas so you can figure this out. Would not it be better to slay your own inner dragons than watch on television while whole countries agonize about these forces.

Consciously activating your ka will move you farther now. your ka can best be understood as your 4D canopy over your body or energy field. In any dimension, the source of powerful activation energy is from the dimension below, and for your physical bodies, the potent power source is the 2D elemental realm. In any dimension, the source of higher-frequency activation is the dimension right above. Why is this? You resonate sufficiently close with 2D to be able to feel its dense waves in your body, and you vibrate sufficiently close to 4D to feel how it activates you. You must open these portals before the other dimensions can be accessed, just like you must learn to get along with your own neighbors before you reach out to people from other countries. You must master the elemental realm to be one with Gaia, and you must master your feelings in order to apprehend the more subtle dimensions. The 4D archetypal realm needs to master your physical vibration in order for you to really know Gaia by working with her elemental intelligence. All of the dimensions are much more intermeshed than you can imagine, and no dimension survives unless all return to integrity periodically.

How on Earth do you master 4D archetypal dramas, which are actually desires from etheric realms for communion with you? The etheric is of such a subtle vibrancy that it cannot be read by you without transduction through the dimension above the physical. Transduction occurs when your phone receives electrical signals and then transmits them as audible sound. Listen carefully, you carry much negativity about this feeling realm because you think you have been used. However, you have no other avenue than moving through this portal. You must figure out how it works because, according to Zecharia Sitchin, the 4D Anunnaki manipulated your genes. In Signet of Atlantis, our vehicle described an Atlantean scientist decoding photons in a laboratory, and she showed how extraterrestrials can figure out humans by decoding their DNA. Well, your DNA is being decoded again. You are being tested and explored by your Anunnaki scientists. They tell you that they can heal disease by repairing your DNA. I, Satya, can tell you that your DNA can only be repaired by releasing negative emotions, by clearing miasms out of your bodies, and by regaining mental clarity and pure spiritual integrity. Your DNA and your body are a reflection of you, so work on yourself and be very careful about who dissects you.

When you walk the surface of the planet, make yourself into a vertical axis by feeling your first chakra in the core crystal of the Earth rising through your body. Then feel energy from Gaia rising up through your body and out of the top of your head up to your spiritual or crown chakra that is located in the Galactic Center. This cosmic chakra holds the corridor of the nonphysical realms open for you, and it is always spinning. As you feel the Galactic Center, again locate your sense of self in the center of Earth, then reverse your energy out of cosmic realms; move down into your body, and move down through the five chakras located in your body. Locate emotional blocks as you move energy up and down this axis. Are these blocks sexual or from unprocessed feelings or from a blocked heart that will not surrender to others? Are they in your throat where you will not speak your truth; or in your third eye, causing you not to be able to see the elementals and the archetypal teachers? Find out which chakras are blocked, and make a total commitment to exploring those realms.

You will know where the block is by observing the part of your 3D life that is undeveloped. For example, is material deprivation keeping you from getting sex or expressing your truth? Go to where your life is unresolved, the place where you think you will resolve in the future; stop right there and resolve it now. Your chakras will not open unless you totally trust the field you live in—3D—since that is the atmosphere in which you receive other dimensional waves.

The five chakras in your bodies are your personal interface between the physical realms. As you lie on the healing table or in bed with your lover, in safe zones where you can trust the universe, image how your body triangulates to a point right below your body in the center of Earth. Move your consciousness into that point and feel how deep your trust for Gaia is. Then, with the unitizing power of Gaia, travel in that triangle below your body to access the elemental powers in your body that need to release. Perceive how you can feel them as cords reaching into your body and move the awareness of that triangular field right into your whole body. Move your awareness into the places in your body where you can feel the elementals crying for release, and ask them what they want to tell you. Your body begins to feel heavy and dense from their magnificent energy, but stay in it knowing you are safe.

Follow whatever image they create on your screen, no matter if that being came from long ago. Do not judge it, for it may be a story from millions of years ago that you have no context for in the now. Whatever it is, it was not heard in the first place, so trust in this information and listen to it. Suddenly you will feel how much that story is wanting your acknowledgment. Honor it, remember it, and let it go. Go ahead and feel the lightening and the bliss in your body as the higher-dimensional fields begin to flood in. As they come in, focus harder than ever in the place where you feel great elemental powers vibrating. Call the higher-dimensional vibrations right into that place. You may feel crisis as these great powers return to Earth. But think of how happy they are to go home. Think of how happy you have been to go home where you are wanted, and let them go now. Imagine how history might have turned out if one person had acknowledged Adolf Hitler when he was a child.

If you will release in this way now, use the image of yourself on the table with the 4D archetypal screen above your body. That is your movie, and if you will run it on your screen, You will be utterly amazed and delighted at what is there. At first it will be painful as the deeply hidden things rush before your eyes, but quickly your curiosity will win. This is why we Pleiadeans love your curiosity so much. It entices you into exploring things that you think are outside yourselves. Then when you discover one day they are all inside you, you finally realize you are a temple of five energy centers that can receive data from any source. As you receive that data, send it into Gaia, because you cannot handle all that energy in your body once it is really flowing through you. The reciprocity begins where the dimensions are vibrating in unison, and you exist in all dimensions simultaneously.

As I've said, total immersion in the Photon Band will trigger all dimensions simultaneously, and you will go out of body unless you are in 3D, grounded, and able to hold the frequency of all dimensions. It is time now to work with Pleiadian healing techniques. (pp. 70-76)

Meditations from Satya for Opening Dimensional Portals

The desire of the first dimension is to draw you to itself.

The more you resist this desire,the less you will know what you want. So give in. Create an altar to the four directions and sit in the center and send your consciousness down into the earth beneath your body. Have a good time traveling below your altar, below your house, down through the layers of rock and the caves of the inner Earth, and down into the mantle, and finally into the iron crystal in the center of Earth. Travel in it, bask in it, feel the heat and liquid rocks, listen to the storytellers of Gaia, and remember what they say, Then move right up into the second dimension.

The desire of the second dimension is to engage you with density through its chemical, radioactive, mineral, and crystalline essences.

We want you to come down with us in our realm where we can lead you through caves with walls of crystals, sapphires, rubies, and diamonds so you can begin to use gems as lenses to see right into your own bodies. Notice that the geometry of the gems and crystals is the structural basis of 6D light geometry. We want you to come down into the inner Earth and meet with us—chemical and radioactive beings—so you will see who we are. Once you see us in our full and glorious power, you will stop invading our world and taking us out of our deep world. You will stop manipulating us by splitting and transmuting us, except when you are in our resonance and we agree with your intentions. Come down and see us so you recognize all of us. For when Gaia goes through her changes, often we are thrown out of our world and end up being lost on the surface. Once we are no longer contained inside Earth, then we move into your bodies, and into the rivers, lakes, oceans, soil, and the air. Come down and see us so you will recognize us in your bodies and environment. Then you will dedicate yourselves to sending us back into our own world. We do not want to disturb you or cause diseases in you. We just want you to get to know us, since we both share Gaia.

The desire of the third dimension is to be within physical bodies—animals, insects, plants, and humans—and to be free.

Once you are free, you can create anything you want in any reality you want. To accomplish this, you must honor the powers of the first two dimensions and consciously work with them. You must learn to be totally in the present moment in your lives. Once you have learned to be right there in the moment, you will "feel" the future by attuning with the 4D archetypal forces all around you, You need to communicate with these forces because they are your access to your future. To exist in the present time, you must always carry a sense of what you want to create—your personal future. By being in communication with the intense influences of 4D archetypal intelligences, you can feel the desires of the future from all nine dimensions. Then you will be inspired to create realities that serve all beings who share your home with you. If you live in that state of mind, a canopy of 4D energy that accesses all of the higher dimensions will vibrate in your mind.

The desire of the fourth dimension is to get deeply involved in the actions of your bodies and to deliver to you all the communications it receives from 5D through 9D.

These juicy impulses are very distracting to you. You try everything to ignore their pleas, yet this consciousness is what fuels your creativity. All great artists are adepts at allowing these intelligences into their minds and hearts. In a given day or night, this material might be a grandiose epic playing out, a visit with great evil or pious beings, or the appearance of marvelous composite monsters and weird shapes. All this is attended by overpowering emotions that can seem to exhaust your body. Ultimately it is easier to just open yourself to all this energy and consciously orchestrate your reception of it. How? Follow your fascinations and stop judging anything that presents itself to you. How do you know whether these impulses are good or bad for you before you comprehend their messages? Try working with one of these creative impulses for awhile, and if it's not for you, that is fine. Just let it go, realizing that you have encouraged its formation for a while by means of your curiosity. Then it will pass to someone else who is more ready for it.

Why does the fourth dimension ask this of you? Look at it from my point of view. I am a huge canopy of holographic film over each one of you, and five dimensions of consciousness beyond me are bombarding me with waves of energy and beams of light. These beams split into two possibilities. Each one is something you can create and play with. But I cannot, for I do not exist in linear space and time. If you do not explore and play with all these beams of light, then I am torn to shreds by the manifold dualities that will finally collapse my own sense of self into meaningless chaos.

The desire of the fifth dimension is to get deeply involved in your feelings and to serve as your center and radiate love to you and all other things.

I am the dimension of your heart, and if you remain intensely centered in your bodies responding to all things that are drawn to you, I funnel waves of love through you, so that you have endless energy to offer kindness to all the beings in your world. If you stay completely grounded in the sacred space you occupy with your heart open as a conduit into the center of Earth, you will be in samadhi with me. I am the center of all nine dimensions that you access. When you are centered in your body and connected to the center of Earth, my energy funnels through the fourth dimension and flows directly into your heart. When this river of love flows into you, the four dimensions above myself begin to flood your awareness. The more you hold your heart open while you are grounded, the more you feel the subtle vibrations of the higher dimensions.

The desire of the sixth dimension is to get deeply involved in your minds and expand your field of potentiality.

We are the location of morphogenetic fields—record bank of all your ideas in 3D—and when you create something or want something in 3D, we hold the geometrical matrix of that thing in existence as long as the idea of it exists in your minds. When you desire a thing, when you truly honor its potential and beauty, it begins to vibrate more. Anything from our realm can come into your world if you desire it enough, and so I am the source of mysterious synchronicities in 3D. lf a young woman who misses her deceased mother stands by a window longing for a feeling from her, I will send an exquisite white dove to that window. When a shaman calls for the power of eagle, eagle will appear. Once a thing holds this radiant energy coming from desire, 5D heart energy fills it more, and I am attracted. This consciousness existing in a 3D object can generate waves out on the galactic information highways. Then the dimensions above 6D discover what we have been creating together in our realms out of the divine ideas sent to us. For example, a shaman may hold an ancient object that is imprinted with energy waves from many ceremonies which star beings visited. The shaman can contact these star beings with this totemic object because when I imprint a form in a thing, there is no block to accessing it from any realm.

The desire of the seventh dimension is to get deeply involved in your spiritual lives and to hold the orbits of stars and planets in place in the Galaxy by means of 7D photon bands or galactic information highways of light.

I am a web of life and light, not a Net that traps you, limiting your freedom. I hold these highways of light in place throughout the whole Galaxy, and I pulse consciousness through them into the stars they flow through because I want to communicate the Galactic Mind to my photon stars such as Alcyone. Once my communication links are powerful enough, my photon stars send out great spirals that link nearby stars. These stars in these spirals are able to orbit into my bands of light, and then they orbit out into the Galactic Night, the great field of darkness that is the ground of being for the Galaxy. Because of these photonic spirals, I am in communication with many more stars in the Galaxy, and these stars give me new information about the Galactic Night, where new thought is born.

The desire of the eighth dimension is to guide the quality of existence of all beings in the dimensions below ourselves.

We have many conferences and meetings, and anyone who truly cherishes life can be a part of dimension. The ability to cherish life—never interfering with any other consciousness in the Galaxy—comes out of many lifetimes in many different dimensions. It is a quality that is often borne out of being in situations where life is not cherished and evil is created. Earth is very crowded because souls are being sent there from all over the Galaxy since Earth is a training zone about evil right now. Evil is live reversed. Earth ceases being a training center at the end of 1999, when all participants will get the opportunity to see the direct consequences of not cherishing the Earth. If you cherish life, you will see the ascension of Earth beyond evil. If you do not cherish life, you will experience the Apocalypse according to St. John the Divine just before 2000 A.D.

The desire of the ninth dimension is to exist in eternal samadhi and be available to share this feeling with all other beings who have attained it.

I exist in my center of light bathed in darkness and I pulse out waves of energy that would cause a nuclear explosion except for the information highways of light that receive my pulsations. I am like a great jellyfish of light having orgasms that makes eternal waves and pulsations in the Milky Way. (pp. 130-134)

The Nine-Dimensional Lenses of the Illuminated World

The power lens of the first dimension is accessing the vibration of the iron crystal in the center of Earth—Ge.

Any dimensional being who resides in any one of the zones of the nine-dimensional vertical axis coming from Gaia's iron core is attuned to Ge. To stay in form, all that is required for this is attunement to the iron crystal—the Sirian star heart of Earth. You must create a four-directional altar in your home, and you must center yourself in it frequently enough to learn to feel Ge. She sends ideas to you via her vibrations, which include her whole gravitational field. When you access her, you align into her mind, because your field is Ge. You just forget about that. Her field extends all the way out to nine dimensions and into the Galactic Center. Anyone who is born on Earth can access all nine dimensions just by sitting in the center of a four-directional altar. You must return to this center long enough and often enough until you find yourself feeling Ge's power. When she first comes, she will feel like an earthquake, and you will know you are no longer a galactic virgin when this happens. Once you have attained this, she will be able to draw you into her mind whenever she wants to. You will know when to seek your altar.

The power lens of the second dimension is conscious linkage and total openness to the elemental realm.

Many of you have been taught to fear this realm. It is true the elemental realm can get riled up if you pay it no heed, but working with it is the way to regain the knowledge of the indigenous people, the keepers of Earth habitat. The elementals need you to talk with them, pray with them, sing with them, and to bless and feed them, and I have come to Earth to teach you how to remember this sacred knowledge. After all they have chosen to commune with Ge and find ways to express her passion by means of wind, rain, fire, and earthquake. Each creation by the elemental realm is a ceremony for Ge. The elementals are the poets of Earth, and they love dances, songs, and art for these ceremonies. Listen to the elementals as they teach you that Gaia's most sacred times are equinoxes and solstices; these are the times when her powerful magnetic field is most maximized and the elementals have more powers of expression.

The power lens of the third dimension is you.

Once you have mastered your altar—linked with Ge and befriended the elementals—then it is time to understand who you are. No indigenous person was taught anything about the surface world until they had mastered the first two dimensions. For example, the elementals express themselves by means of wind, rain, fire, and earthquake, and you express yourself sexually; they are the poets of Earth and you are the powers. If you exist in 3D without linking with 1D and 2D, you abuse power and sexuality. Therefore, meet and communicate with all energies so they do not get frustrated if they want to talk with you.

The power lens of the fourth dimension is your feelings.

After you've worked with the archetypal teachers you have welcomed into your space, you will find yourself feeling some very deep emotions. These responses are coming from guides that can take you to upper dimensional levels. Their appearance is very subtle, and they will not come until you've worked with the archetypal beings who first came into your space. The archetypal beings who come first are parts of yourself you need to clear, and once you've done this, new creativity can manifest. As these "soft" spirits arrive, you need to have a sense of them, what their story is, maybe the sounds they like, or which object on your altar called them in. If you just go with them for awhile by doing things in your circle, a real feeling for them will come in. The most important trick is to follow your impulses—maybe by lighting a candle, touching your third eye with water, stroking a totemic object, or chanting.

The more you do this kind of ceremony, the more you will encounter the same ones, and you will get to know them, such as I have gotten to know the Pleiadians. You won't want to miss meditating very often! You will become fascinated with them as they begin to show you the world through their eyes. You will feel a subtle approach, almost as if there really is someone with you. You may or may not see anything; it doesn't matter—in some way you will know. You might feel a shiver in your back or neck. Close your eyes, visualize Ge, feel the elementals below you, feel your own body in the center, feel the energy above you like a canopy, then straighten your spine, hold up your head, take a deep breath, and visualize all the light coming to the canopy above you in millions of waves.

The power lens of the fifth dimension is love.

Make yourself very relaxed and comfortable, quiet down, close your eyes, and take three breaths, holding on the inhale and exhale to the count of five with your fingers. When you breathe in, while holding the breath, expand your lungs in the lower and upper part of your body; when you breathe out, collapse your lungs as much as possible and hold the position. Sit and feel the love from the Pleiades expanding your body and enveloping the room. Now, begin your blessings; think of all the people who've been wonderful with you that day, of your children, your mate, your friends, your parents. Think of a great gift somebody just gave you, or the good food you've recently eaten. Realize how blessed you are, and keep on expanding. Then think of people you want to assist or heal.

The Pleiadians really want to assist you with healings because this is their expertise. Great crises are coming in 3D, yet you will have no difficulty if you learn to heal. Here's how you can heal working with the Pleiadians, if you want to. First, describe very clearly and completely the issue that needs healing so you know exactly what you think about it. Then once you've stated your case, ask the Pleiadians whether you are supposed to assist this person or not. If they say no, don't do it. I'm not kidding! Agree that you will not worry about that person, except to offer basic kindness and politeness. If the Pleiadians say you can assist, that means they know a healing is within cosmic law. If you just use your will to help people without praying, such as consulting with the Pleiadians, you might manipulate the reality of someone who has already finished his or her own work, and you could force this person to keep on repeating. Or, by acting when you aren't called to, you may shut out another person who is really the one to heal. Do not clutch and hold people to yourself, as if you know who should live or die. Work with yourself every day so your attitude about your life or anybody's life is like weighing it against a feather. Living or dying is not the point; healing, love, and happiness are.

If the Pleiadians agree to work with you, work out a deal with them about what you can and can't do, then give yourself unabashedly to that work until it is complete. I warn you, you might have to give much more of yourself than you can even imagine, but the experience will always be ecstatic. Some of you just need to get exhausted before you feel ecstasy! Learn everything you can about each healing while you do it, then dedicate yourself to sharing that valuable information with anyone you can. Feel the love of the Pleiadians, offer them a gift—such as a moment of love in your heart for the children of the world—or open yourself to hearing if the Pleiadians actually want you to do something. Then let them rest. Think of all the love in your world, and remember the Pleiadians can't amplify any feelings unless they come through your body.

The power lens of the sixth dimension is sacred geometry.

Sit quietly in your space and reflect quietly on what has been going on. Your altar is a sixth-dimensional construct because you placed everything with deep feelings according to the four directions. All you have to do is just activate it! An element, a thought, a vision will suddenly occur; just notice it and sit quietly. Feast your eyes on the objects around yourself and notice if anything draws you. Often a cat will come in, even your own real cat. Once something draws you, pick it up and begin to study it. Hold and turn it in the light in different ways; feel the field around it, which you may begin to see. As you sense these subtle fields, just gaze at it to visualize the light lines moving off the surfaces and angles of the object. Hold it in your palm, look at it, and feel the lines coming into it. Travel out on a line to the mind of the being that conceived it. Remember, you know the story of everything that is in this room. You may travel out to its original maker, to the tribe that first told its story, to the person who gave it to you, or to the place underground where the stone came from. Everything that ever touched this thing or knew it is still connected to it. Soon you will know why you were drawn to that particular thing. As this forms in your mind, put it gently in front of your body and close your eyes.

The power lens of the seventh dimension is light.

Take your hands and place them on your eyes with your palms on your cheeks and your arms resting comfortably down. Press your fingers into your eye sockets until your fingers shut out all the light coming in, keeping fingers together. Do not press into your eyes. All you are doing is shutting out the light, not attempting to put pressure on your eyeballs. Be comfortable; sit like that until a blue-black space begins to envelope you that seems to be the dark space in your own body. Move above your body; above Earth; outside Earth's atmosphere; out away from the Sun toward the edge of the solar system. When you are outside Pluto and Neptune, see your solar system as a ball with the Sun in the center. Imagine a line from the center of the Sun all the way out to Alcyone, and travel to Alcyone in deep space. It is incredibly dark, and then you become aware of a huge light ahead, as if it is a nuclear ("nu-clear"), pulsating, living light. Move right into it.

Once you've moved into Alcyone, you become aware of a tremendous highway of light that goes into the Galactic Center and out beyond Alcyone in the opposite direction to Orion, where the meeting of the Galactic Federation is occurring. You can also go to Orion when you want to work on power issues. Or, if you have no power issues during a meditation time, and you feel balanced and content, thank yourself for being comfortable with your power, take a few breaths, reflect a moment longer, and begin to commune with the ninth dimension. Move into the center of the Galaxy via the Photon Band, bypassing the next power lens.

The power lens of the eighth dimension is power.

Every time you are in a conflict you can't resolve—any kind of squabble, tension, relationship hassle that is draining you—come to your circle and meet with us. Sit in your center with a sense of yourself, and call that person or issue into the circle, and have a conference. Ask them to tell you how they feel first. Once you get that person's side, look at it from their point of view as much as possible. Get to know as much about them as possible. Talk to them about how you both might improve things. Tell the person that if they will work with you, you will keep working with them. Never, never use any energy to influence what someone else is thinking or doing. The only right you have is for a conference to discuss mutual issues with them.

Go back into your life and take some actions with that person, based on your conference. If the energy will not shift in 3D and the person is stealing your peace because he or she will not work with you, then go forward and five your life as if the person does not exist. Feel free to admit to yourself in private that you would still love to have their friendship, but you accept that is not to be. Put any objects from them into darkness and forget them. Do not think of them again in this space. If you want to, however, an object can always be brought out to seek more understanding. Once someone has given you a gift, they have given you a part of themselves, and unless they ask for it back, you can always commune with them if you want to. If someone asks for an object back, always give it back to them, because no one can invade you if you are not holding anything of theirs that they request. If you feel somebody has something of yours and they are trying to control you, ask for it back. Even if they do not give your gift back to you, they cannot reach you anymore. The Native American tendency to be very careful about gifts is where the phrase "Indian Giver" comes from. There is no reason for any person to influence you in any unchosen way if you follow the 8D gifting laws. Be meticulous about these boundaries. Even if your enemy is your boss, you can be invisible and create no energy with that person; if you can't do that, leave the job. The same goes for marriage. There is absolutely no reason in the world to have a power struggle with anyone in your reality for any great length of time. Whenever you feel tension or energy being taken from you, don't allow that suck. Enemies appear for you so you can finally decide to take your own power. If you do take your own power, your enemy will be freed to fly to the eighth dimension, where they can sit in counsel all day ruling the world. Their reality will get bigger and bigger, and you will be flying around free.

Once you remember what it's like to be in 3D with intact boundaries, you can do this meditation in a cot crammed into a prison cell with four other inmates. You can do this meditation on your job sitting at your desk. You can do it when your small children are running around. How is that possible? Because this meditation requires only your body, your body's boundaries, and knowing where North, South, East, and West are located. All of you should learn this level of concentration by creating something special with your favorite objects and learning these techniques first in comfort and silence. All children should have an inviolate private space somewhere in their own house so they can learn how to create boundaries.

The power lens of the ninth dimension is the return to stellar self.

The Maya will take charge next, and they will show how the end of the Mayan Calendar is the return to the Age of Light. At the end of the Mayan Calendar all other dimensional intelligences who have ever interacted with you in any space in the universe are getting sucked back into Earth to unify their consciousness with yours. This is a real vortex of a time that contains all things. The 2D elementals and the energies at the 4D level do not have bodies, so they use yours; the Pleiadians do not have your polarized feelings, so they send you love to transmute hate; the Sirians do not have your minds, so they are blasting you with light geometry to get you to become a Seer. Meanwhile, the 7D galactic information highways are transmuting Earth's identity; 8D conferences are being held to create a new order in your solar system; and 9D spiritual teachers are impulsing you into ecstasy when they can link with you. (pp. 213-222)

Barbara Hand Clow, The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light (Santa Fe, NM: Bear & Company, 1995). For more information, visit Journeys Through Nine Dimensions.

See also Make Home.

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