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(from The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light by Barbara Hand Clow)

The best thing about the new energy field activating your planet is that you will find yourselves more able to create your own realities because the expansive nature of the Sirian geometric field makes synchronicities visible in 3D. If you just follow the connections between unrelated things, you can create anything. This expanded field will harmonize your body to any higher vibrations that you can detect, so let your body lead your choices. At first this feels like a subtle connecting web of intuitive knowing, then gradually it becomes a conduit system for energy activation. The more you trust this new way of responding to your environment, the happier you will be. (p. 62)

Making Home

There is death in all your ecstasies—that is the nature of 3D—but you don't have to deny yourself any pleasures Own what you desire, and all that exquisite energy will be released as waves of joy in the Galaxy. Stop judging what you are doing, or stop doing it and decide to be alive!

Decide to "Make Home" right now. Go outside the place where you live and take a walk. Breathe deeply, expand your sight, smell with your heart, and feel the tactile responses in your feet. Swing your arms around, and then look intensely into your environment. Ask yourself, "Do I love Earth in this place?' If you feel rejected by your environment because you think it is too dry, too cold, too urbanized, too reclusive, you have some thinking to do. Now that the Sirian geometric field is expanding your field, you won't be able to stay in any place unless you love it. Your only job is to feel grounded in your place and radiate that feeling into your environment. Soon all you will be is grounders of geometric light forms into Earth. She will not tolerate your rejection of her.

Whether you are in the city or country, the jungle or desert, does not matter. You are personally coded to love a certain place on the planet, and the Sirian geometric field will draw you there. Otherwise you will blow up from the miasms that will be triggered in your bodies.

The planet is drawing you to your home, where you will be safe and happy.

I, Satya, want you to take me seriously on this teaching: Making Home, an ancient Cherokee teaching. ... What each one of you does is much more important than you realize, because the amount of galactic knowledge that your planet can hold is determined by your attunement to that knowledge within yourselves. If you are walking out of your house and feeling hatred for your street, town, or land around yourself, you are in grave danger. You must take time to attune to the place you live and feel it in your heart; you must work with the energies of your place to enhance them enough so you are responsive to Earth again; or you must seek a place where your heart expands in the rain and sunlight. Do not fear the Sun, rain, winds, and fire; simply change in yourself what resists these essential elements. You cannot live without the elements, and the elements cannot live without you. The photonic activation is now waking up the miasms in your bodies, and you will not be able to handle the transmutation of your pain if you are in an environment that repels you. Hear it, let it resonate in you, say it: "I will Make Home now."

Get out of the past, everything has changed! All you need to do now is look deeply inside and name what you fear, while choosing to live in a place that expands you. Next, go out into your world, do exactly what you fear the most, and observe yourself carefully. Intend what you want, and if you find yourself saying "I can't, I won't," blow through it and say, "I want this!" and then do it! Go on a vision quest, do a mushroom circle, take the spice, or even consider a snake initiation. Begin living right in the moment. You will only be able to do these things if you really feel heart expansion and grounding each day in your special place. Otherwise it is hopeless. How can you ask for Gaia to hold you if you reject her every day of your life?

Choose life by Making Home. Or face yourself in choosing your own death-passage to other realms with a clear sense of direction-release, and stop littering the planet with yourself when you are half dead!

The only way to discover biological codes is to begin with yourself. You were called into being as a form that is nine dimensional. You are an organization of energy that expresses itself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in the form of these four bodies of consciousness. The clearance and activation of these bodies can propel you right into galactic resonance.

The acceleration is very intense because the miasms must be cleared, and that is why you must Make Home so Earth can assist you. Gaia is going to rebirth every one of you. (pp. 63-69)

Your Sacred Altar and your Ka

No matter where you are, you can Make Home, even in a jail cell. There are two very powerful methods: a sacred altar to the four directions and the practice of sacred body postures. Regarding an altar, explanations of the qualities and energies of the four directions are widely taught and available. You need to study and ascertain the energy of each direction, and you need to choose a small space—eight-by-eight feet is perfect—and establish a center. Then make an altar to each direction. The center becomes the point in your reality that plugs right into the central core crystal of Gaia, and the four directions pull in consciousness from all directions. As you sit in that center and build your understanding about the energy of each direction, sacred objects—stones, bones, artifacts, love gifts, and crystals—will come into your life. Each object will be strongly related to your understanding of one of the directions. By placing sacred objects on certain directions on your altar and remembering its teaching each time you pray in the center, your personal access to multidimensional intelligence will build and build. The elementals underneath you will feed you with intelligence of Gaia. Soon you will find yourself going to this altar whenever you need to heal someone or yourself; you will go there to seek guidance for any question, and you will return there to hold counsel with the intelligences you have brought into your realm. In the center of your altar, the nine dimensional axis will draw beings into your space as you learn to center.

Eventually, your altar will be a universe that contains all. One room of your house can be this altar, but a small space enhances concentration. With enough time, you will recognize when your ka is contained in your body by how this feels when you are in the balanced multidimensional space of your altar. When you are out in the larger world, you will hold your ka in your body easily because you will be able to feel when it is not in you. You will be able to reintegrate your ka and recharge yourself anytime you want to by returning to center in your altar. Eventually, there will be so many centered individuals in the world that the whole planet will become harmonic. (pp. 69-70)

You must create a four-directional altar in your home, and you must center yourself in it frequently enough to learn to feel Ge. She sends ideas to you via her vibrations, which include her whole gravitational field. When you access her, you align into her mind, because your field is Ge. You just forget about that. Her field extends all the way out to nine dimensions and into the Galactic Center. Anyone who is born on Earth can access all nine dimensions just by sitting in the center of a four-directional altar. You must return to this center long enough and often enough until you find yourself feeling Ge's power. When she first comes, she will feel like an earthquake, and you will know you are no longer a galactic virgin when this happens. Once you have attained this, she will be able to draw you into her mind whenever she wants to. You will know when to seek your altar.

The nature of the surface world depends on the elementals, and they take their job very seriously as guardians of your habitat. They are more aware of the intelligence of Ge than you are, so they impulse you to create rituals to teach you what you need to know. They are more subtle, brilliant, balanced, powerful, and conscious than any beings on Earth's surface. Animals are much more intelligent than you because they take the time to truly feel the desires of the elementals. Animals can teach you about these desires, and it is wise to pray with animals to understand the wishes of Ge. They love ceremony, and they will always come into your circle if you call them. When you are praying, know the animal guides of that place. Altars to the sacred directions are devices that can access the guides and codes of a particular place; they will assist you if you can link with their energy. This is done via directionality. To link, the elementals love to be fed, and you must keep corn, cedar, tobacco, water, sage, mushrooms, nutmeg, salt, ant crystals, and many other gifts for them. When you first go in and talk with Ge, face each one of the directions and ask them what gift they want. They will tell you.

When you need to heal yourself or someone else, sit in your altar and have a talk with the elementals. They are the ones who can tell you how to heal anything. Their ancient DNA, which has never been tampered with, lives in the deep ocean ridges boiling at very high temperatures. Meditate on this ancient DNA, and it will restructure the DNA of the person who needs help. Ask them for messages, listen to them, follow their advice, and you will be amazed at how accurate they are. Once you have made them your allies, listen to them wherever you go. Once you befriend them, they will follow you anywhere—the way a loving and loyal dog follows you—and they will tell you what to do. They are beneath your surface, so they can reach you wherever you are on the curvature of the planet. If a terrible storm is coming, they will impulse you to go to shelter. If an animal or human threatens you and it is not your time, they will strike that threat with lightning or wind. And remember, return to your altar and feed them often, and when you are out in the world, thank them and gift them whenever you can. Never go so fast that you don't have time to respond to a rock or tree that calls you. Stop a moment and bless them.

You may feel like requesting that only positive spirits come into your circle for as long as your altar exists. In my own experience, as long as you always eliminate things that you do not have strong feelings about or you move things to a new direction when it feels right, no negative beings will come into your space. Of course, I will teach from my own tradition because that is all I know. If you have some objects that hold very complex emotions, such as a gift from a person who is making battle with you, keep those things in a covered basket, jar, medicine pouch, or box. Only bring them out to work with them when you want to work with that person. When you are having a power struggle with someone, use something from them that you love to assist you in moving the karma to the next stage; therefore, do not throw away gifts from a person who has chosen to become your enemy. If you ever have a karmic relationship with someone who is trying to influence you without your agreement, set up a mirror somewhere in your altar room that will mirror this energy back to the person. You might place it in a window facing out to a direction, or you might set it up to mirror the box or basket that contains something from this person. No person has the right to invade your space, ever, unless you agree.

Sit in the center of your altar and study all the animal keepers, power objects, photos, bones, and crystals, and place the various feeding elements you use, plus any smudging materials, in your center space. If anything feels like it is in the wrong place or needs to be put away for awhile, take care of it. Do you remember the story of each thing in there? Can you remember its hologram and how it feels? If not, remove it and give it away. Why would you have an object on your altar that embodies a great being you don't know? If something means a lot to you but feels like it's in the wrong place, rearrange things until you feel a warm and fuzzy feeling in your space. Breathe in; enjoy the pleasure of communing with all the parts of your own story. You will feel the air thicken slightly, almost as if a fog is moving in, which means the guardians are coming into your sacred space. Cast your eyes around once more and feel what each direction wants to be blessed with. You will feel it very strongly; you may have known what it was before you started, so hold that essence in your left hand.

Hold the essence, close your eyes, and feel the boundaries of the space around yourself. You will feel a bubble or egg around you that defines the zone of your body, which may extend out miles. Just make sure you can feel its edges. If this egg seems to have any holes in it, push energy from inside your heart and thymus into the inside of it and close in the holes. When your etheric egg feels whole, you will feel a sweet peaceful feeling in your body. Never go out into the world with your bubble much more than a few feet out from your body, and always visualize amethyst light in its outer surface. Your altar is the only place where you can allow your bubble to go out as far as it wants. Then, take pinches or parts of your blessing substance and feed the four directions and pray to them. Call in the animals to be with you, because soon you are going to experience the gift of the third dimension: freedom. In this altar you are free, and in a little while, you will fly.

Once you've worked with the first three dimensions and set up your own world, then have a conference with the 2D elementals and 4D archetypal beings who've come to share with you. Maybe they will want to talk with you, channel through you, have you sing or drum with them, or smoke your pipe with them (if you are a pipe carrier). Once you feel them and sense linkage, light some sage, smudge, or incense—depending upon what you feel they want—and move deep inside yourself as the smoke fills the air. The smoke makes them solid. They are in your dimension now. If you have some very strong feelings when they come, take plenty of time to breathe, to process, or to cry. If you feel nervous or afraid, breathe and hold your hands raised at chest level in front of your body, and imagine holding these beings as if they are part of you. Run all these feelings through your body.

Pray with the teachers who have come; thank them for coming. Smoke your pipe with them; use hand movements to feel them in the air; make music with them. Work with them until you can feel them in your body. Remember, you have great boundaries, and I am not suggesting they will invade you, because you are sovereign in this circle. When you link with them, you will be able to actually feel them. This is their gift to you for welcoming them: you get to find out what is really going on in your body, and there may be something you really need to know. As you get used to them, remember that they are nonphysical at all times, and they are actually the inner story of yourself. Tune into your body and feel the places where they are located by noticing a twinge, a cramp, a heaviness, a tingling. When you feel them, close your eyes and journey into those places, and be with that energy and receive its teaching. Be sure to have a journal in your altar room because you may want to write things down. Listen to them. If they want to hear Tibetan bells or bowls or a drum, play these sacred teachers. The archetypal world is greatly activated by sound, and they especially love rattles, clicking shells, and rasping sounds. Let them tell their story, have a good time. (pp. 213-217)

Barbara Hand Clow, The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light (Santa Fe, NM: Bear & Company, 1995). For more information, visit Journeys Through Nine Dimensions.

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