Albert & Frances Keys

Albert Keys and Frances Mulkey met during the period 1935-1937 when she first came to teach at Wall School in Wall, Texas. On August 30, 1945, they married at the First Methodist Church in Coleman, Texas. And from that point on, they were together until Frances died July 4, 1987. It's a beautiful thing!

Albert and Frances Keys and Hudson car in front of home at Wall, TX, 1945

Albert, Kay, and Frances Keys, First Methodist Church, San Angelo, TX Albert, Kay, and Frances Keys--studio shot

Albert, Kay, and Frances Keys at Wall, Texas Albert and Frances Keys with watermellon, 1950s

Albert and Frances Keys, 1960s Frances, Kay, and Albert Keys--church photo 1975 Frances and Albert Keys, San Angelo, TX, 25th anniversary, 1970

Albert and Frances Keys in Colorado at Coop event in 1970s Albert and Frances Keys, Thanksgiving 1975, Wall, TX

Frances and Albert Keys, Dr. Warner Barnes, and Janet Cobb at UT PhD graduation, 1978

Albert Keys and yellow rose bush, Wall, TX, 1970s Frances Keys and yellow rose bush, Wall, TX, 1970s

Frances & Albert visiting the Paarma family in Imatra, Finland 1979

Frances and Albert Keys--church photo, 1980s Frances, Albert, and Kay Keys, Wall, TX, 1980s Albert and Frances Keys, 1980s

For an account of Albert & Frances Keys' life, see The Albert Keys Family in Tom Green County Texas History.

See also Albert Lee Keys and Frances Mulkey Keys.

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