Frances Mulkey Keys

Frances Mulkey Keys, my Momma, was born 17 June 1911 and died 4 July 1987. She was a teacher who started her career at Wall, Texas, in the 1935-36 school year and married Albert Keys in 1945 and spent the rest of her life near Wall, Texas (West Texas). She loved art and nature and people and travel, and she was a good woman.

Momma's parents: Ella Cochran Mulkey and Homer Temple Mulkey

Ella Cochran Mulkey    Homer T. Mulkey

Mrs. Mulkey and Her 3 Children: Hugh, Frances, H.T.

Hugh, Ella, Frances Mulkey      Frances, H.T., and Hugh Mulkey

Frances Mulkey: High School and College Graduate

Frances Mulkey, Coleman High School      Frances Mulkey in Coleman, Texas      Frances Mulkey, UT graduate

Mrs. Albert Keys, Housewife & Citizen

Mrs. Albert Keys      Frances Keys (Kay looking on)

Frances Keys in San Angelo in 1950s

Mrs. Keys, Teacher

Frances Keys, school picture 1956 Frances Keys, school picture 1960 Frances Keys, school picture 1962 Frances Keys, school picture 1969 Frances Keys, school picture 1970

Mrs. Keys and Dr. Keys, 1978 & 1979

Frances Keys and Kay Keys Kay Keys and Frances Keys in NYC, 1979

Frances Keys, Wall, Texas

Frances Keys by Desert Willow      Frances Keys by Gas Pump      Frances Keys in Austin in 1986

See also Frances Mulkey Keys' Family and The Story of Homer Temple Mulkey, as well as Albert & Frances Keys and Albert Lee Keys.

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