Albert Lee Keys

Albert Lee Keys, my Daddy, was born 23 November 1900 and died 25 September 1993. He was a farmer who lived most of his life near Wall, Texas (West Texas). He was a Rotarian for more than 50 years, a Methodist after he married in 1945, and a good man.

Albert Keys as a Boy

Albert Keys and cats about 1906 Albert Keys, studio photo, age 8 Albert Keys in peach tree about 1909

Albert Keys at Home and School

Jerry and Rebecca Keys family      Albert Keys in school

Albert Keys as a Young Man

Albert Keys at 18 in Arizona      Albert Keys and friends

Albert Keys, Farmer

Albert Keys, farmer

Standard-Times article from 1950s
Albert got help from the Wall farming community when he was in the hospital.

Albert Keys and Kay Keys: 1950s

Daddy and baby Kay

Daddy and little Kay    Daddy and Cowgirl

Albert Keys, Citizen

Albert Keys 1940s

Albert Keys 1945 Albert Keys 1950s Albert Keys 1960s Albert Keys 1980s

Albert Keys church photo 1990s

Albert Keys and Kay Keys: 1990s

Albert Keys 1990s    Albert Keys and Kay Keys

Albert Keys with Myrl and Johnny Wilde on his 90th birthday

Albert Keys with quilt 1991 Albert Keys with friends 1991

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