Virginia Woolf

Virginia with her parents at Talland House in Cornwall in 1892

Virginia with her father and Virginia's portrait in 1902 (photos by George Beresford)

Virginia with her brother-in-law Clive Bell and nephew Julian Bell in 1910

Portrait of Virginia by her sister Vanessa Bell, 1912; Virginia in Cornwall in 1916

Virginia and Virginia with Lytton Strachey at Ottoline Morrell's in 1923

Virginia in her mother's dress published in Vanity Fair in 1924; Virginia in 1925 (photos by Beck & MacGregor)

Virginia in 1926 (photo by Ottoline Morrell)

Virginia with Leonard in 1926 (as photographed by Vita Sackville-West); Virginia in 1927 (NY news photo)

Virginia in 1929 and in Life in 1930 (photos by Lenare)

Virginia at Monks House in 1931

The Woolfs and the Frys in Greece in 1932

Virginia at Monk's House in 1932 and Virginia with her neice Angelica in 1934 (photo by Lettice Ramsay)

Virginia in 1934 — and on the cover of Time in 1937 (photos by Man Ray)

Virginia with the James Stracheys in 1934 and Virginia at Monk's House in 1935

Virginia in 1939 (photos by Gisele Freund)

And here's a video with images and The Recorded Voice Of Virginia Woolf.

Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West
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