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Taxonomy encompasses schemes for classifying things. (I've been well aware of that word since I served on a National Endowment for the Humanities grant project team at the Modern Language Association in New York City in 1978-1980 to come up with a more flexible taxonomy for the MLA International Bibliography — a taxonomy that would make it easier to find scholarship outside the patriarchal canon.) I've had my own personal Web site up since the 1990s [see The Internet Archive Wayback Machine], and I've organized everything into

categories up to now. Of course, like most classification schemes, that one has had its problems. For instance, I really haven't had that much to say about science, and my travel pages are all photo albums. And there are various matters I care about that just don't fit under one of those labels.

I guess most of those matters involve places and people, and I've decided that "Passions" is a good umbrella term.

Note that I continue to be in startup mode here, so please don't think the links below constitute a complete list.

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