English / Arabic Basics

What was I thinking? Well, I'm passionate about Egypt, and interested enough in learning the language of modern Egypt to take a semester of Arabic at the University of Texas and a class at the Arabic Bazaar in Austin. But as they say "use it or lose it," and I needed a refresher before going to Egypt in 2008. I searched for Arabic teaching tools in bookstores and on the Web, but on the whole I felt the need to have both a transliteration and the arabic word or phrase, and somehow that need evolved into these pages.

Of course I don't pretend that these pages will enable anyone to really communicate in Arabic, but they're a start and the refresher I wanted.

As an additional resource, Tour Egypt provides a feature story on Egyptian Arabic by Ismail Abasa and The Tour Egypt Phrase Book. Another useful source is Salim's Learn Arabic, which includes audios of the alphabet and of 100 Most Used Phrases.

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