American Museum of Natural History, NYC
Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh
The Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago
The Franklin Institute Science Museum
Museo Galileo (Florence, Italy)
The Peabody Museum of Natural History
Science Research Library (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Smithsonian Institution

Human Focused Sites

Human Anatomy On-line (Informative Graphics)
The Human Heart
Structure of the Human Body
Visible Human Project (National Library of Medicine)
Visible Human Server
The Whole Brain Atlas

Animal Focused Sites

Animal Finder
Electronic Zoo (Ken Boschert)
San Francisco Zoo
Tiger Information Center

Plant Focused Sites - A Modern Herbal Encyclopedia of Plants
Flower Facts: The Lily
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (Austin, TX)
Native Plant Database
Plant Information Online
The University of Lethbridge Herbarium

Other Science Sites

Astronomy Online (Ricky Leon and Chanthirar Murphy)
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Biology Online
The Biology Project
Calculus on the Web (Gerardo Mendoza and Dan Reich)
Did You Ever Wonder?
Doing Biology
eNature - portal with online searchable Audubon field guides
Science World (Eric W. Weisstein)
Gallery of Interactive Geometry
Internet Geography (Anthony Bennett)
Live Science
Mad Science Network
Math Cats
Math World
Past Horizons - adventures in archaelogy
The Eight Planets (Bill Arnett)
Science,Optics, and You
The Last Word [scientific phenomena Q&A]
The Visual Elements Periodic Table
The Why Files (National Science Foundation)
Windows to the Universe
World Science

Unit Conversion Sites

Calculators On-Line Center
How Many? - Dictionary of Units of Measurement (Russ Rowlett)
MegaConverter (Joseph Camblin)
Online Conversion (Robert Fogt)

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