Abundant Health [essential oils]
All Allergy (Harris Steinman)
All Treatment [Rehabilitation Resources]
American Medical Association
Ask Dr. Weil (Andrew Weil)
Web Sites You Can Trust (Medical Library Association)
Drug Digest
Drug Watch
Essential Oil Testimonials
Find Good Medical Information on the Internet
Go Ask Alice! (Columbia University)
Health Care
Health Ranger (Mike Adams)
Health World Online
The Herbal Encyclopedia (Lisa Waltz)
Household Product Database [health and safety information]
Isabel Online Symptom Checker
Lab Tests Online
Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic First Aid Guide
Medical Malpractice Center
Medline Plus
Med Terms Medical Dictionary
The Merck Manuals of Medical Information
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
National Library of Medicine
New England Journal of Medicine
The Nutrition Source
Plants for a Future
Quackwatch (Stephen Barrett)
Recall Report
Rx Dangers
Third Age (Mary Furlong)
Tuck - A Community for Advancing Better Sleep
Web MD
Women's Health

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