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Adze Mixxe Astrologer (Adze Mixxe)
The Astrology Zone (Susan Miller)
Free Will Astrology [formerly Real Astrology] (Rob Brezsny)
Jonathan Cainer's Zodiac Forecasts (Jonathan Cainer)
We'Moon Astrology Connection (Heather Roan Robbins

Other Personal Guidance

Blogthings Quiz Blog
I-Ching (Jonathan Katz)
Intelligence Tests
Keirsey Temperament and Character Web Site (David Mark Keirsey)
Out of Service [psychology personality tests] (Jeff Potter)
Psych Tests
Stupid Tester
Tarot (Jonathan Katz)
The Anubis Oracle (Nicki Scully)


*Comics and Cartoons
Cover Browser [covers of comics and books] (Philipp at Blogoscoped)
Dilbert (Scott Adams)
David Rees and his various projects
Doonesbury (Gary Trudeau)
The Fifth Wave (Rich Tennant)
Funny Times (Ray Lesser and Susan Wolpert)
This Modern World (Tom Tomorrow)
Troubletown (Lloyd Dangle)
*Fun & Games
ASCII-O-Matic (Rob Cockerham)
Eater of Meanings (Leonard Richardson)
Free Rice [vocabulary]
Paper Toys
Mr. Picassohead
Piano Lessons Online (Steve Nixon)
Piano on the Net (Clinton Clark) Online Entertainment
Sheppard Software - Educational Games
Which File Extension Are You?
ZE Frank

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