Crystals, Gems & Minerals

All About Gemstones
Athena Mineral Database (Pierre Perroud)
The Crystal Academy (Katrina Raphaell)
Crystal Healing Workshop (Peggy Jentoft)
Crystal Healing: The Healing Properties of Gemstones and Crystals (Lorraine Venner)
Crystalis Institute (Naisha Ahsian)
Crystals (Ellie Crystal)
Gemisphere: Theraputic Gemstones
Gems and Gem Materials (Jill Banfield)
Gold Dealers
International Colored Gemstone Association
The Mineral Database (Jolyon Ralph and Ida Chau)
The Mineral Gallery (Amethyst Galleries)
Mineralogy Database (David Barthelmy)
The Quartz Page (Amir Akhavan)
Paganlore Crystal & Stone Magick (Chronos)
Sun Angel: Gemstones
That Crystal Site (Australia)
Rockhounding Arkansas: Quartz Crystals

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