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I'm a person with many interests, including a life-long interest in learning. My liberal arts education made literature and books and art (and history and travel as well) very important to me, and as a photographer I got my first 35mm camera in 6th grade and now use a DSLR, moving along from B&W darkroom photography work to color darkroom photography work, to Photoshop editing and digital archiving.

My career as systems analyst for Texas State agencies started with mainframe computers and ended with websites and database applications. My first web browser was Mosaic, and I have kept up with HTML and CSS through the years, as well as developing and maintaining Content Management System websites with Drupal and WordPress interfaces.

The pages in this personal website of mine represent topics and content I've cared enough about to spend my own time developing. In some cases, the content is my own creation; in others I have packaged information (with source acknowledgment) that I've found personally enlightening and want to have easy access to. I began developing a set of subject-area links pages while managing the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission's Intranet site, and I have continued to maintain and expand on those over the years for my convenience.

Where I have quoted or used images from published sources, I have provided publication details. It is not my intent to violate copyright. Rather I share such material in review fashion as significant in my life and encourage any readers to seek out the authors' works at libraries and bookstores such as (my personal favorite and Web site inspiration).

The photographic images on these pages are my own unless otherwise specified. As stated above, I have had photography as my avocation for many years. I love to travel and to record the places, people, experiences, and details I experience. Janet Cobb started scanning sets of my photos into into PSD and JPG files with Photoshop 3 years ago, and I'm continuing that work. Besides the 72 dpi images on this website, I have many more available on flickr. For information on portfolios, prints or high-resolution image files, or for any proposals for new photographic projects (preferably those involving travel), please feel free to email me.

In addition, I've experienced developing and maintaining websites for non-profit organizations and friends, though with the plethora of WYSIWYG and drag-and-drop web page editing tools, that's winding down. Personally I prefer to build web pages directly, using HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets); I recommend learning and using that toolset in orderto understand how websites work and to produce structured, human-readable source code.

At any rate, here are links to websites besides my own that I've been involved with:

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